Hypatia Sorunke 

b. 1998
“I am not a prisoner of history… in the world I am heading for,
I am endlessly creating myself.”
-Frantz Fanon
Black Skin, White Mask

Hypatia Sorunke (they/she)
is a multimedia artist based in Texas and New York.
They  combine their passions of storytelling and visual art
through their writing, photography, and filmmaking.
They hope that by centering blackness and queerness,
  they can one day build a sustainable world we can all live in.

They ground themself in the endless possibilities of the future,
as their artistic process is like a child rediscovering the world,
where imagination leads and the body follows

Graduating from the University of Texas at Austin,
they recieved a Plan II Honors and
African and African Diaspora Studies dual degree (m. Gov).

Their academic research centers 
urban/structural design,
radical community building,
and creative entrepenuership.

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